Cane Baked Stuffed Chicken and Sweet Potato Injection

1 chicken
1 cabbage (3lb average)
1 cup ground smoked sausage
1 cup cheddar cheese
1 cup chopped onions
1/4 stick butter
3 cloves chopped garlic
5 spoons BBQ LeBlanc’s Cane Jelly
salt and red pepper
PROCEDURE for Stuffing:
  • Chop cabbage, onions and sausage coarsely.
  • Place in pot 1/2 filled with water. Boil until ingredients are tender.
  • Drain liquid, add salt, pepper, chopped garlic and butter. Chop in food processor.
  • Remove ingredients and place in mixing bowl, stir in cheese, 3 tbls BBQ Cane jelly.
  • Inject stuffing into seasoned chicken.
  • Bake in covered dish at 375 degrees for and hour and 20 minutes… until chicken is done. Remove from oven. Spread 2 tablespoons BBQ Cane Jelly ®… place under 350 degree broiler until brown.
Baked Sweet Potato: Cane Injected
Wrap sweet potato in tin foil. Bake at 375 degree oven on rack with cane baked chicken. Cook equal time. Mix equal amounts of soft butter with dark cane jelly ®. Inject into sweet potatoes… cover with foil and serve hot.