WAFB Viewpoint - January 27, 2004

The official estimate is that somewhere between 70 and 100-thousand people experienced one of the most incredible events ever held in downtown Baton Rouge. I was part of the crowd that came to personally congratulate both Southern and LSU for bringing national championships here in the same year. What I saw made me proud to live in South Louisiana. Fans of both teams congratulated each other. Players of both teams hugged each other. And everyone soaked up the pride and joy that comes from such big victories. There was none of the fighting, rioting and looting you see in so many other cities that have a better national reputation than we do. The national media wasn't here to see it but we hope the word gets out. Baton Rouge definitely has two big winners on the football field. But this weekend---we proved that the players, coaches and fans are winners in much more important ways.