Thieves steal family's Christmas

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A woman said she finished her Christmas shopping last week, but someone broke into her home over the weekend and stole all of the gifts she had bought for her children. According to police, 'tis the season for thieves.

The Baton Rouge Police Department said this time of year, Santa isn't the only one watching. Criminals are also keeping a close eye on what's moving in and out of your home.

"I've been crying for days," said Subrena Tenner. "Up all night crying."

Watching the lights in her yard twinkle has always been a favorite for her. Christmas was her favorite holiday.

"I'm not in the Christmas spirit anymore. I was. I don't turn my lights on anymore," she explained.

But now, the decorations won't be lighting up any time soon. Inside, the family has stopped counting the days until Christmas.

"I work seven days a week, no off days. I work hard to get what I have and it's just bad for someone to come in and take everything that I worked for," Tenner added.

She and her three children finished their shopping last week. There were dozens of gifts under the tree. Many of those gifts vanished Saturday night. Someone had apparently broken in while no one was home.

Baton Rouge police said unfortunately, crooks can be busy during the holiday.

"This time of year presents a lot of opportunity for criminals, especially burglars and thieves," said Sgt. Don Kelly with BRPD.

All that was left behind at Tenner's house was a pile of presents ripped open by the thieves.

"Had wrapping paper everywhere. Stuff was just a mess. Just ransacked the house," Tenner said.

She said their flat screen television was gone, too. The wire had been snipped. Her family's Christmas spirit was shattered by someone's selfish actions.

Tenner said police found fingerprints on her back door. Detectives said they are investigating burglary, but the reality is that sometimes they don't find what's been stolen. They added that's why it's important neighbors watch out for each other, especially over the holidays.

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