Celebrity Salvation Army Schedule

Saturday's Celebrity Salvation Army Kettle at Whole Foods.

Please make a donation, take pictures, get autographs!

10 a.m., For children…Molly the 3-Legged Katrina Pony.  A first for prosthetics on a horse created at LSU, Molly's need came after injury in the storm.  She's the star of a children's book and has become a hero for people with prosthetics.

11 a.m.  Skip Bertman, LSU's Legendary Baseball Coach and former Athletic director.  He shaped both the Miami Hurricanes and LSU dynasties.

Noon.  Cane, The dog Raisin' Cane's is named for.  They are so excited about this, they're bringing 500 plush Cane dogs to give to the first 500 children who come.

1 p.m.  Edwin and Trina Edwards.  Legendary Former Governor and his third wife.

2:30 p.m.  Music interlude provided by Anointed Music Academy

4 p.m. Four out of the five stars from Breakout Kings, the TV show that's shooting right now in Baton Rouge.  Breakout Kings is a Fox Production that airs on A&E Network.

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