Steve Schneider: How I Lost 28 Pounds

I don't consider myself someone who does diets or gets excited about "working out," but this plan made sense for me. I did have to make minor adjustments to my eating habits, and it took a few hours to make a list of the foods I enjoy eating that are allowable for my body type on the 6-week makeover plan. Committing to eat six times instead of two or three in much smaller portions took some doing, but beyond the time I spent getting organized and stocking up on those foods, it was really pretty easy.

I lost five pounds the first week and had dropped 20 by the end of four weeks! At the six week mark I had lost 28 pounds (shrinking from 240 to 212), and since then my weight has fluctuated between 208 and 215. For someone who's 6-5 I'm back to a comfortable weight, considering I tipped my doctor's scales at an all-time high of 245 last year!

The only exercise I really do is walking. I don't have what you'd call a regular routine, but I do try to spend at least an hour every day, which winds up being 4-5 times a week for me. Those walks cover 4-6 miles, which puts my weekly total between 20-25 miles, although some weeks when life gets hectic, I fall a little short.

Yes, I miss eating pizza & pasta, breads & other baked goods, and all those sugar-filled items that taste so great, but I've developed new favorites like frozen peaches, strawberry smoothies, real chicken soup with fresh spinach and mushrooms, to name a few. I guess the bottom line is sensible nutrition in small quantities your body can break down quickly and use to give you ENERGY through the day, not UNWANTED POUNDS you'll still be carrying next month.