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Contact 9: Roofing


For three years, a Baton Rouge woman has lived under a busted roof and by next year, she was hoping to fix it, but her plans may have taken a wrong turn.

For the first time since her roof was destroyed in Hurricane Gustav, Amy Baker is doing more than just patchwork to her Baton Rouge home. She took out a loan and paid $3,000 for a brand-new roof, or so she thought.

"You can tell where they have put the new roofing on top of other roofing," said Baker. "It looks bad to me."

Baker hired Ora Williams Porter's roofing business to do the job at the end of September.

"Miss Porter, the contractor, told me that, you know, they were going to take care of it. Make sure it was evened up and whatever. It's worse," said Baker.

For example, on much of the house, the shingles hang over the side of the roof.

"She said mine will look like that house across the street over there, but mine don't look like that across the street," said Baker.

And she believes a lot of the original roofing was not stripped off as the contractor promised.  She says her gutter was also damaged in the process, so when it rains, water pours down from the roof onto her front step.

Baker said Porter signed a hand-written contract, which states she'll have 12 months to have a contractor come back out to fix any problems.

"It's been almost a month," said Baker. "I can't even get her to give me a call back."

In addition to calling, Baker said she also sent a certified letter to Porter requesting she at least come out to assess the damage.

Porter's business is on Florida Boulevard. When contacted there, she immediately said she wanted to make things right and right away.

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