Baton Rouge designs make appearances in Twilight

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" hits theaters Friday and people around Baton Rouge have a special connection to the new film.

Parts of the movie were shot here in town and local actors and actresses got to make on-camera appearances as extras.

A hair accessory for the movie was designed right here in Baton Rouge at the Gilded Lily Jewelry Store.  Co-owner Anne Arceneaux says word of mouth helped get them the contract.

"Our name came up several different times," said Arceneaux.  "If you need something custom-made, you need to go to the Gilded Lily."

She says for a year, they secretly worked to come up with the final design for the comb, that Twilight's creator, Stephanie Meyer, had to approve.

"She had a vision of what she wanted for the comb, and in that vision we worked really closely with the studio to come up with something really would bring that vision to fruition," said Arceneaux.

Another vision the production team had, brought Baton Rouge handbag designer Claire Sanchez's creations onto the set.

"The woman in charge of product placement happened to own one of my handbags, so she dug through her closet, found the label, then went online to, and go in touch with me through there," said Sanchez.

Sanchez says she's not sure which one of her bags, if any, are featured in the film, but she says she's just happy she and other local designers could be getting some great exposure.

"I took a lot of pride in the fact that, and in her decision to use Louisiana-based companies to further the economic growth around the film industry with other small businesses so that everyone can reap the benefit of what's going on here with this whole Hollywood South," she added.

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