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LSU offers advice to job seekers

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Unemployment remains a huge fight for Louisiana and America. LSU's Ourso School of Business offers some expert advice to help those seeking work.

Jonathan Heidt is a senior business major at LSU. The Houston native wants to land a job by the time he graduates in May. He knows he has his work cut out for him.

"Well, it's pretty dismal right now," Heidt said. "But, I've sent out a lot of applications and resumes already, because I should start early."

He's taking advantage of LSU's Smart Lab to help reach his goal. The smart lab is a simulated interactive trading floor. Heidt can watch what's happening in the stock market in real-time and get pertinent information at his fingertips.

"I try to keep on with current events, read the Wall Street Journal, I just read the Big Short about the financial crisis to try to broaden my horizons," he explained.

"If you look right now, our unemployment is 7 percent," said Dek Terrell, an LSU economics professor. "The nation, as a whole, is 9 percent."

Terrell said anyone searching for a job needs to know where the need and career potential is and arm themselves with the tools and knowledge to compete.

"So, I think that's the challenge is to go out and look for niche where you know there is growth," Terrell explained.

Terrell said the focus for job hunters is to exhaust every resource to get back to work. Most people out of work are simply trying to stay afloat until they start making money again. Terrell said unless you're independent wealthy, don't concern yourself with saving now, but with surviving and planning when you can save again.

"I think the most important thing to do would be to really assess your skill set and your own goals, as far as where you see yourself in the future. And, try to take a hard look at it, whether or not this is a realistic assessment of where you are," Terrell added.

Heidt said he's willing to go anywhere, but would rather stay in Baton Rouge to start his career.

"I had an interview. We'll see how it goes."

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