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Contact 9: Storage Shed


A couple wants answers. According to the man and woman, a contractor nearly drained their savings account. It was money they couldn't afford to lose.

It was supposed to be a post-retirement present to themselves, a storage shed behind Ella Kent and her husband's Baker home.

"I paid $850 for the first down payment for him to get started," said Kent. "Then, at the end, I paid him $975, which he told me at first the house was going to be $1,650, but ended up being more because he said he would add the door."

The "he" she referred to is John Givens, a contractor she heard about from a friend. Kent paid Givens nearly $2,000 back in February. She said he started the job, but never finished it.

"You can't open them. These are interior doors. These are not storage," she said.

Warped from weather conditions, the doors without knobs just weren't doing it for Kent. She said Givens gave a different excuse every month as to why he hadn't been back to fix them or would tell her he'd be by, but wouldn't show up.

"He said that he would be here today. So, we'll see," said Kent.

He didn't show up the day a news crew was there and Kent was beyond frustrated. She said she didn't want to have to call the media, but was running out of options.

"I know I don't have the money to redo this," she explained.

Givens is not a state-licensed contractor, but the law states he doesn't have to be, as long as his work costs under $7,000.

The crew stopped by Givens' Baker home and even tried asking his neighbors if they knew where he was. He was finally reached by phone, but would not agree to an interview. 

Although, he said he had been sick and then had problems with his tools. He added he would head to the Kents right away.

"I'm hoping that he will do what is right," Kent responded to the news.

Givens followed through with what he told the news crew. Ella Kent has a new door on the shed outside and said she's pleased, with no hard feelings toward Givens.

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