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I-Team Speeding School Buses


School bus drivers carry the most precious cargo every morning and afternoon, but some have been caught on camera breaking the law, like speeding through a neighborhood.

Residents in the Villa Del Rey area of Baton Rouge say they've been complaining for years about bus drivers going too fast.

"I see the buses flying by," said Linda Dobson. "You hear the tires squealing like they are on two wheels going around the corner and I see these little children and it's frightening."

Al Langois has lived in his Monterrey Drive home in Baton Rouge for 30 years. He said school buses full of students race by his house every day.

"I don't have any little kids here now, but I'm concerned that they couldn't stop and that they'll hit other cars," Langois explained. "I think it's dangerous."

The I-Team headed out to Villa Del Rey with a radar gun in a 35 miles per hour speed zone just after 7 a.m. to check things out. East Baton Rouge School bus numbers 2246 and 2243 clocked in at 47 miles per hour.

Numbers 2242 and 2241 both clocked in at 48 miles per hour. The fastest buses, numbers 2316 and 1650, clocked in at 59 miles per hour, almost twice the speed limit. Resident Cole Tucker said he dreads the sounds of a crash.

"There's probably close to 30 or 40 kids on that bus and there are no seat belts on a bus," he said.

Sgt. Don Kelly with the Baton Rouge Police Department called the bus speeding disturbing and possibly deadly.

"There are no seatbelts," Kelly said. "There are no supplemental restraint systems, airbags and the sort of things we see in passenger cars. When there is an impact, there is a potential for children to be thrown against hard or sharp objects that are in front of them or around the bus. The old adage that speed kills is true."

Chris Trahan is the spokesman for the East Baton Rouge School System. He said EBRSS has its own radar guns it randomly uses to check school bus speed.

"Safety is our utmost concern, for not only our bus drivers and the students, but also the residents in that neighborhood," Trahan explained. "Honestly, I'm sure that there are more than five buses not obeying the speed limit."

School district records show no buses were pulled over or ticketed on Monterrey within the last two years.

The drivers featured in the report have been disciplined, according to Trahan.

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