Lady Gaga Alert

The first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System appears to have failed.  Television viewers in some parts of the country reported hearing a song by Lady Gaga instead of the test.  Read more about it, now, by clicking here.

Veteran Penn State Coach Joe Paterno reportedly was in tears today when he gathered his players to say he is stepping down at the end of this season. There's a chance that much higher ranking people at Penn State may go as well including the university president over alleged sexual abuse by an assistant football coach years ago.   We have new information on the story ahead as our lead story at 5pm.

TONIGHT AT TEN FROM THE I-TEAM:  The man at the center of a time-sheet scandal in Livingston Parish tells his side of the story and says he's the victim of a "witch hunt".  Also, find out which one of his relatives was also working for the parish on the same contract.

WAFB's Phil Rainier reports from a new study that only 21 percent of primary care doctors report signs of abuse of children.  One local pediatrician calls that inexcusable.   Find out more at 5.

We have pictures of a pair of debit card thieves who have been operating at the Walmart on O'Neal Lane. So far the two men have used the cards twice.  See the photos at 6pm.

A well-known local figure is being accused of selling his product to a local woman who claims she was injured as a result.  But there's a twist.  This is a still-developing legal story we'll have at 6 p.m.

New word today that Italy is now on the verge of financial collapse in Europe and that news sent the American Dow Jones average plunging 389 points at the close.

Weather wise, brace for the cold. It'll be partly cloudy tonight and much colder with a low of 44 by morning. Tomorrow will be sunny and windy with a high of 64.

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