Halloween Horror in N.O.


Bourbon Street in New Orleans is normally a loud and lewd but a safe spot for visitors.  However, last night turned deadly as bullets rang out.  Across the city, more than a dozen were wounded.  The latest, ahead at 5pm.

BRING ON BAMA!  More coverage that looks ahead to Saturday's big matchup is ahead at 6pm including how high some tickets are selling for! 

Speaking of the big game, if you are heading to Alabama and want to be on live TV, join us at one of two locations Friday night.  At 5pm and 6pm, we'll be at the Superior Grill in Birmingham.  At 10pm, we'll be at the "The Dixie" in Tuscaloosa where local musician David St. Romain is performing.  

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This is major for such a large campus but Southern University is banning smoking everywhere on campus next year.  One professor says they can't do that.   Find out why at 6pm.

The Shintech Plant in Plaquemine has thrown a veil of secrecy over the death of a Shintech employee this morning on company property.   Shintech is not even talking to the cops about what happened.

On our 5 p.m. news, you'll want to see the story about the broken fire hydrant that had so much water pressure behind it that it literally suspended an automobile in mid-air.    What kind of city pumps out that kind of pressure?

Remember the great climb the Dow Jones Industrials had on the stock market *last* week?   It dropped 270 points yesterday and, today, it closed down nearly 300 more points.   The Dow is now below the psychological 12-thousand mark.

The Nine News Weather Team is calling for fair skies with patchy light fog by morning.  Low temperature 51 degrees.   Tomorrow Partly cloudy and mild with a high of 79.

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