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Contact 9: RV Fraud


You can buy just about anything online these days, but who you buy from isn't always reliable.  One local woman found out the hard way and she contacted 9 News to spread the word.

Patty Giovingo thought it'd be fun to buy a new toy for family trips out of Walker.

"We had decided to buy just a small travel trailer," says Patty.

It was about a week ago that she thought she had a winner out of Monroe on Craigslist.

"The guy emailed me back tellin' me what a wonderful trailer it is, but the problem was he was fixin to be deployed in 2 days," said Patty.

The seller said the military would handle shipping and she could pay him through eBay.

Patty says the man, who called himself Martin Gibson, even had the eBay logo on his site.

"I said, "Well if it's eBay, it's gotta be legitimate ya know,'" she said.

She was almost entirely sold on the idea until she started googling, and learned the man had sent her a listing on the official eBay site that apparently already been sold.  He had the same trailer listed with the same picture in cities all over the country.

Patty called eBay and was informed her situation is not uncommon.  People use the eBay name to sell items on Craigslist.  eBay called the seller a "spoof" in an email to Patty, saying most likely, the message she received was not sent by eBay.  The site promised to work to disable all sites linked to him.

Patty took action before she took out her wallet, but the whole process was frustrating to say the least for her.

"I mean this is money we'd have taken out of our savings," she said.

Thankfully, she didn't lose her money, but she's hoping her story will save others trouble - and money while shopping on line.

Patty has now reported a similar site.  She says it doesn't take long and eBay will take action if you contact them.

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