Mark your calendars! One hour pre-game special, "Bring on Bama!", 6pm-7pm on November 5th - LIVE ON WAFB
Mark your calendars! One hour pre-game special, "Bring on Bama!", 6pm-7pm on November 5th - LIVE ON WAFB

WAFB News has videoed hundreds of documents spilled along Interstate Ten.  Some ended up floating in the LSU Lakes. These documents contain addresses, *social security numbers* and much more.  How did they get there and who's information is at risk?   Kiran Chawla reports, at 6pm.

Many of you have sent emails or called us about former news anchor Paul Gates who's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  Tonight at 10pm, Paul and his wife share their story with WAFB's Phil Rainier.  Hear how is Paul is doing with treatment and how his involvement in that treatment could lead to new breakthroughs.

WAFB's Tyana Williams reports on an 88 year-old man cleaning family graves at Napoleonville when cemetery invaders decided to take advantage of him. This is another one of those stories you'll find hard to believe.   Details at 5pm.

The 9NEWS TEAM is gearing up for the big LSU vs Alabama game!  The game will be broadcast live on WAFB at 7pm on November 5th.  We have several crews heading to Tuscaloosa to cover the game and the excitement leading up to it.  WAFB will air a live one-hour pre-game special on game day from 6pm to 7pm.  And watch for our extended live post game show from Tuscaloosa after the matchup.

A guilty plea one minute, and the accused change their minds the next.  This deals with two daycare employees indicted for alleged negligent homicide in the death of a little girl from Wanda's Day Care. You want to see how one of them tried to dodge our cameras.

A Denham Springs Park Employee has been found dead in a truck that drove into a park pond. They're awaiting an autopsy to see how he died - seizure or drowning.

The price of crude oil rose today nearly four dollars a barrel to $93.96. The Dow Jones Industrials thundered upward 340 points to 12,209, the highest since last July.

Brace for a change in the weather. Increasing clouds tonight with scattered light rains by daybreak. Tomorrow dropping temperatures and slow clearing and brisk winds from the Northwest.

Check out WAFB 9 News beginning at 5 p.m. with the Moreau-Mercedes report, CBS Evening News at 5:30 and the all-inclusive 6 pm. News with George Sells and Donna Britt which also includes the latest in sports just eight days from the super showdown between Alabama and LSU.