Jefferson: "I don't regret anything"

Jordan Jefferson answers questions from the media on Oct. 3.
Jordan Jefferson answers questions from the media on Oct. 3.

BATON ROUGE, LA (AP) - LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson is once again a Tiger, but making no apologies about his recent run-in with the law and temporary dismissal from the team.

Jefferson spoke to the media Monday night. It was the first time he has commented publicly since being charged in a bar fight near campus.

He blamed his status as a celebrity for the incident on Aug. 19.

"You never know how popular you are until a certain situation like that," Jefferson said. "At the time, I was being a college student. I wasn't trying to get myself into trouble. A certain situation happened to me off of my popularity."

A grand jury reduced felony battery charges against the quarterback last week.

Jefferson added he has no regrets about what happened.

"I don't regret anything. God puts people into certain situations for a reason. He's the only person who can control my destiny and the only person who knows my future. I don't regret any of the pain that I've been through. I don't regret anything that happened to me. I don't regret the situation I've been in," he explained.

Jefferson said he did not talk to starting quarterback Jarrett Lee following his arrest. He also stated he did not apologize to his teammates.

"I didn't have to apologize because we all were there," Jefferson said.

Jefferson made his season debut on Saturday, rushing for a touchdown in LSU's 35-7 win over Kentucky.

He said he still hopes to regain the starting role under center for the Tigers.

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