Knife Found Linked to Derrick Todd Lee

The serial killer used several methods to kill. He mainly used knives and his bare hands. WAFB Streetbeat reporter Greg Meriwether has uncovered some new potential evidence that's at the state police crime lab.

A source close to the crime confirms they have another knife in the serial killer investigation. It's different from any other that have been mentioned before.

The crime lab source tells 9 News that the knife came from the St. Francisville area, right around where Derrick Todd Lee lived. The source close to the crime confirms that there was indeed blood on the knife. The crime lab was to run tests to see if the blood was human or animal. The source close to the crime lab says they got the knife, a possible serial killer murder weapon with blood on it sometime in the middle of the year. It is at this point only a possible murder weapon because it is not clear what kind of blood is on the knife. It is only known that it came from Derrick Lee.

9 News spoke with the Serial Killer Task Force Tuesday afternoon and they confirmed that they are not the ones that found the knife. It's unclear which agency found the knife.