Search to Find Evidence Against Derrick Todd Lee Underway

West Baton Rouge sheriff's detectives are hunting high and low for more evidence to use against accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. Just last week, a grand jury there indicted Lee for the murder of Geralyn Desoto. Now, after three searches which uncovered new evidence, detectives are retracing Lee's steps. WAFB's Crime Team reporter Avery Davidson has the latest.

West Baton Rouge and West Feliciana dive teams are looking at the body of water Lee crossed on almost a daily basis. Thompson Creek is the boarder between East and West Feliciana Parishes. And the bridge that crosses the creek is only about a half mile from Lee's former home.

West Feliciana and West Baton Rouge divers are braving, looking for any kind of clue in the serial killer cases. Sheriff Austin Daniel says the divers are looking for "anything, you know, a weapon, a body or token or just anything related to the cases."

Daniel says no one called him saying Lee dumped anything here so that makes these divers' job even harder. According recovery diver Smith, they are "just feeling the bottom seeing for any kind of obstruction, anything you can find other than a stick and sand and hopefully you find something. It doesn't matter what, we're just hoping to find something."

On this dive, they're focusing on two 20 foot holes east and west of the US-61 bridge. But next, they're going to dive in an old gravel pit, filled with about 30 feet of water.

"Derrick Todd Lee spent a lot of time down here at the Barre pit fishing. We had some people tell us they saw him down there quite often and we just looking to see if there's anything we might could find down there that would help solve some of these cases," explains Daniel.

Daniel tells me the folks who saw Lee fishing at that pit say it was right before his arrest. Divers found nothing in Tuesday's search. They plan to return next week to search that old gravel pit.

No one would officially say, but West Baton Rouge detectives are investigating the Desoto case and the disappearance of Mari Ann Fowler. A detective with Zachary Police was also at the search. They could be hoping for clues in the disappearance of Randi Mebruer or the murder of Connie Warner. Desoto's murder is the only one linked by DNA to the serial killer.