Parents across South Louisiana are hearing the same thing.
I' m bored---- there's nothing to do.
If you are tired of that summer vacation routine. We have the answer.
Just check out any Baton Rouge library any day of the week.
From storytellers, to magicians, to animal acts, there' s always something fun going on at the library and it' s fun with a purpose.
The entertainment is teaching kids how much fun it is to read and to learn.
This is especially important for children going from first to second grade.
You can find out what' s going on by placing a phone call to the library near you or by picking up a calendar of events for the entire system from any branch.
This wonderful program is paid for by your tax dollars.  It cost each person in the parish 32 dollars a year to run the library system.
That' s certainly a bargain that everyone should take advantage of.