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Contact 9: Missing Headstone

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It's the greatest loss Betty Miller has ever felt.

"His name is Leonard Williams Jr., and he was born September 18, 1976," said Miller.

Her only son passed away at the age of 35 in March of 2010.  His mother hoped each visit to a Brusly cemetery would bring her peace, but it's exactly the opposite, because something was missing.

"I look here and I don't have my headstone...and it's just so heartbreaking."

The thing is that Betty ordered a headstone for her son from a man named Justin Hamilton, who runs a business out of a home in Baker.

The signs outside read "Hamilton's."

She paid Hamilton $300 up front and promised to pay another $100 once the headstone was delivered.

"He was so nice to us when he came and he reassured me that I would have the headstone and I was so happy my family was happy and I called and called 'cause I really wanted that headstone for, you know, his birthday."

Betty says she called in June, July and even showed up at the house to ask about the headstone.  Each time being told by Justin or a family member that it was almost finished.

Her son's birthday came and went on September 18th and still nothing.  Betty says she and other family members gathered that day at the cemetery.

"We sit here for two hours and we talked and we cried and we talked and I said, 'but you gonna have your headstone for your birthday,'" said Betty as she broke down.

A grieving mother who just wants what she paid for, and more importantly, a proper gravesite for her son.

9 News paid Mr. Hamilton a visit.  We asked him what's the hold-up, and he didn't seem to think Betty was in any type of hurry - three months after she ordered the headstone.

"I wish she would have called me and told me...I didn't talk to her," said Hamilton

But Betty insists that's not the case and is ready for a straight answer.

"People don't have any money just to be giving people and all I say to him is if you not gonna do right get out the business," said Betty.

"I'm not the kind of guy that goes off and forgets about people," said Hamilton.

Two days after we asked Hamilton what was going on, he had Betty Miller's son's headstone delivered with a discount.

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