Monday Sept 19 2011

Read the lawsuit now, on WAFB.COM
Read the lawsuit now, on WAFB.COM
TWO AND A HALF MEN: Tonight at 8pm on WAFB
TWO AND A HALF MEN: Tonight at 8pm on WAFB

We open our daily afternoon report with some good news!  The state's Recovery School District has boosted 60 percent of the school it operates out if the "failure" category. And graduations are up 20 percent.

Courtroom action today in Baton Rouge for the man police call Baton Rouge's third serial killer. Jury selection began with a pool of a hundred people. Jeffery Guillory is charged with killing Sylvia Cobb more than 10 years ago.  That report leads off tonight's 5pm newscast.

Former Governor Edwin Edwards proposed today a five dollar a barrel tax surcharge on oil to plug the state's financial deficit. Edwards was doing a sort of a "performance" at the Baton Rouge Press Club.  Our David Spunt brings you the highlights in our 6pm newscast.

Another slice of positive news: A ribbon cutting today at First Baptist Church in St. Francisville to celebrate the opening the last four lane stretch of U.S. Highway 61, North to Bains, Louisiana. That makes 61 four-lane all the way from Baton Rouge to the Mississippi Line.  We'll take you to the ribbon cutting ceremony at 6pm.

The woman seen being pulled by her hair from a ditch by a Baton Rouge police officer has filed suit in federal court.   Hear from her lawyer ahead at 5pm.  To read the lawsuit now, click here.

The President has a new proposal - to raise taxes on millionaires. Is that a good idea? And how exactly would it work? Plus - pharmacies selling huge amounts of prescription pain pills - illegally. A CBS News Investigative team shows us how big the problem is and what law enforcement is doing about it.  That's tonight at 5:30pm on the CBS Evening News.

TONIGHT AT TEN:  Do you remember how much you paid for your first TV?   In tonight's Money Monday segment, Financial expert Fred Dent takes out an old Sears catalog and examines whether your dollar can still buy what it used to!

The Stock Market was down 108 points today.

Weather wise mostly fair tonight with a low of 69. Tomorrow Partly cloudy with spotty showers with a high of 89.

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And, don't forget, Ashton Kutcher joins the cast of TWO AND A HALF men on CBS tonight!  The premiere of the new season airs at 8pm on WAFB.