Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Feed the birds and other wild animals during the cold winter months by making ornaments from berries, bread, peanut butter, honey and birdseed.  Hang them in trees and bushes in a nearby wooded area.

Design at least one homemade ornament or holiday decoration to add to your display each year.

Collect a holiday decoration from every vacation spot you visit during the year to bring back happy memories.

Buy one ornament for every year of your children's lives.  This tradition can continue even after the kids move out and have a tree of their own.  Look for ornaments that reflect something about each child - a favorite sport, interest, book, theme or activity.

Make a "Santa key" if you don't have a fireplace or chimney, so St. Nick has a way to come in through the front door.  Get an old-fashioned skeleton key or have the children make keys out of poster board or construction paper.

Place a child's school picture on the Christmas tree each year as an ornament.