Seafood Grand Omelet from Frank's Restaurant & Smokehouse

Three eggs

Two ounces crab meat

Two ounces crawfish

Two ounces shrimp

Two ounces chopped bell pepper

Two ounces chopped onion

Two slices Swiss cheese

Garlic & herb seasoning to taste

Tony Chachere to taste

Parsley (garnish)

Two tablespoons butter

Grill crab, crawfish, shrimp. Set aside

Preheat skillet to 215 degrees

Add butter to skillet

Combine all ingredients except cheese & hollandaise into bowl with eggs

Scramble together

Pour into skillet

Cook on one side until firm (about 2 minutes)

Flip and let cook another 2 minutes

Add cheese & fold over omelet

Top with hollandaise

Garnish with parsley; serve!