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Public database of deadbeat parents goes live

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The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services launched a new database with more than 53,000 names of men and women who are delinquent on $1 billion in child support payments.

"What it is, is it allows the public to go in and look for delinquent payers for child support," said Trey Williams with DCFS.

In EBR Parish alone, more than 4,600 people owe a total of $59 million.  Recent legislation put more teeth in deadbeat parent laws, which makes it a felony to owe more than $15,000.

"We have a lot of deadbeat dads actually in Baton Rouge ourselves," said District Attorney Hillar Moore. "Over the last year, Baton Rouge ourselves has received more money than any other parish.  Our increases have been phenomenal because of a lot of hard work on a lot of peoples behalf."

A parent who's a couple weeks behind won't end up with their name out there for all to see.  There's actually a long legal process before your name ends up on the list.  A judge has to sign off on a judgement before a person is declared delinquent.  At that point, it's public record.

"Go in pull up an address or a parish, an amount owed to see if you know someone on there. If you do know who they are contact us and let us know," said Williams.

A new law goes into effect shortly that allows casinos to check if you're a deadbeat parent.  If you win over $1,200, they'll run your name to see if you're in arrears.

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