LSU calls upon Lee to step up once again

Jarrett Lee
Jarrett Lee

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With the arrest of Jordan Jefferson, the LSU Tigers are down a starting quarterback with only eight days before a highly-anticipated and nationally-televised game against the Oregon Ducks.

Senior QB Jarrett Lee is no stranger to LSU football fans. Forced into a role before he was ready, he started and struggled as a sophomore and some assumed he would never stick it out with the Tigers after being benched in favor of Jefferson.

However, the son of a high school coach in Texas has stuck it out and now, despite less than ideal circumstances, has been presented with a great opportunity.

"You should go into practice each and every day like you are the starter," Lee said. "That way, when you number is called, you're prepared. So, that's kind of how we approached it and how we're going to continue to approach it."

Not unlike Matt Flynn, another Texan who did not truly shine until his senior year, Lee has shown potential before. He came into last year's Florida game and produced the game-winning touchdown to Terrance Toliver.

"Being poised and just staying calm, I think that's one thing that I've definitely matured at and tried to work on. So, coming off last year and coming into this fall camp, I think that's one thing I really need to work on," Lee added.

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