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Dogs 11/19

Trying to get the drugs, and guns, out of local schools. The people fighting this battle may be getting a big boost. It's thanks, in part, to our favorite four legged friends. Wafb's matt williams gives us a look at the new program.

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She may soon be coming to a school near you.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Sysyem is looking into hiring a private security firm to help keep drugs and other contraband off their campuses.


By going to a private security firm, instead of relying on the police department, EBR schools can better control when they have the dogs on campus to do a sweep. The goal is to gain a better ability to find illegal .

"She can smell 400 molecules of an item, 600 to know what it is, we need 10,000," Howard Davis, EBR security director. "It just adds to the amount of things we're doing to create a safe and drug free environment," said Howard Davis, EBR security director.  

Bleu's talents, and other dogs like her are not confined to the walls of the actual school. If you're parked on campus at an elementary, middle or high school, you're within her range.

To Bleu it's a simple game of retrival. Find the scent, get the toy. For those in need of her services it's also simple. Find the drugs, and keep them off campus.

"I think if the children see the dogs coming on the campus on a regular basis, it's going to act as a deterent and that's all we're hoping for," said Kimberly Constance, with Interquest.

EBR hopes to have a contract signed within the month, at the latest by the start of the second semester. Either way, Bleu and other dogs like her may soon be on the job helping to make our schools a little safer.

The program will cost $500 per day, for five days a month, or roughly $2500 per month. The East Baton Rouge school system hopes to tap into the drug free schools grant as well as using existing money within the security department to help foot the bill.

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