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Available for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, WAFB's News Buddy® displays local current conditions, forecast information, weather alerts and news headlines via a desktop “window.” All information is constantly updated throughout the day via the Internet.

  • Get immediate notification of weather watches and warnings from the National Weather
  • Keep apprised of the latest Homeland Security Status
  • Be informed of the latest breaking news as soon as it’s reported
  • Add the local temperature to the bottom of your computer screen
  • View WAFB's Sentry 9000 Doppler Radar
  • Immediate Amber Alert notification
  • Enjoy the convenience of getting real-time information at the click of a mouse with a direction connection to WAFB.COM.

This great service is courtesy of WAFB Channel 9 and LA DODT Federal Credit Union.