I've been watching your stories this week on Cross Stories, with much sadness and lots of tears. You see, I have a story of my own. I know the pain and heartache behind those little crosses. I lost my youngest son Jeff Stevens, Jr. on December 3, 2001, in a very bad car accident. We also lost a very special young lady that evening, her name was Jodi Trahan, she too was 18. However, one boy did survive.

Our story started around 5 p.m. I was at work and had talked to my son only hours earlier, I asked him to please wait for me to get home, we were going to go look at a car for him. Two of his friends called my house, but Jeff was sleeping, so they called my mom, who lived next door. She told them he was asleep and to leave him sleeping. But they didn't, they came to my house anyways, they wanted Jeff to go riding with them.

Jeff and Jodi lost their lives on the winding roads of Mauraupas, from what I was told. And by looking at the police report, they were traveling at a high rate of speed, lost control in a curve, left the road to the right, hit three trees (one came totally out of the ground) the car split in two pieces.

My son, Jodi and Curtis were all ejected. However, there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the accident. My son was clinically brain dead at the scene, but still had a heartbeat and was air-lifted to the hospital, he died a little over an hour later. Jodi was pronounced dead and Curtis was airlifted with critical injuries.

The back end of the car landed on Jodi, Jeff and Curtis landed side by side. I can not put into words the pain and devastation we feel each day since Jeff left us, as parents, we never think we will outlive our children, it's just not in the natural order. And it didn't end there, there was the crime labs, there were the police (who were not very nice during this whole terrible ordeal), there were coroners, the attorneys, the judges, it became one living hell that I thought would never end. Today, we have gotten on with our lives, at almost 2 years, not one single day goes by that I don't miss my son, I do so much. We are good at hiding our feelings, kind of like robots. Thank you for these stories, it means so much to the families, remembering these children and their story behind the little crosses lets us know our children are not forgotten.