Dan Kyle

Saturday's election for commissioner of insurance features two political newcomers. Robert Wooley and Dan Kyle are making their first attempt for state wide elected office. We begin the first of two profiles of these candidates. We begin with dan kyle. Here's wafb's jim shannon.

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Doctor Daniel Guin Kyle was born in Norphlet, Arkansas August 1937. His family was orginally from Winnsboro and migrated north to Arkansas. He married the former Connie Musick in 1964 and has two sons and two grandchildren.

Kyle graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Ph.D. in accounting in 1966 and taught college for nearly 30 years, most of which at LSU. Kyle's public service began in 1989 when he was appointed Louisiana's legislative auditor.

"I came from a large family. My family was very poor. My father died when I was 14 years old. So I went to went to work the next week and have not been off the payroll since. So i came up the hard way so i know what it's like when people don't have enough money." kyle served as legislative auditor until january of this year when he decided to run for governor. He subsequently changed his mind and looked to the insurance commissioner's position. In the october primary election kyle was one of six candidates. He made the run-off after getting 424 thousand votes or 34 percent of the vote state wide. He lost his voice during the run-off... Stricken with laryngitis. A problem for a political candidate. Recovered from his illness kyle says either way saturday's election will be a welcomed finish to a good campaign. [take sot name: kyle sot incue: (what will you outcue: a real celebration at: 5:49:05 to: 5:49:22 duration:0:17] {***sot***} "(what are you gonna do saturday?) either way i'm probally gonna be like a wet noodle. There will be so much pressure off and i will be so relaxed that this thing is over. I know were gonna be victorious and i know there's gonna be a real celebration." jim shannon wafb 9-news. [anchor:paul] {***paul***} [readrate:14] tomorrow night on nine news at five . . . We will profile robert wooley, who is also in the run off for commissioner of insurance.