Message in a bottle is found 2,000 miles away from origin

KAILUA-KONA, HI (WAFB) - The story has been told many times. Someone putting a message in a bottle and sending it off into the ocean for someone to one day find.

For 11-year-old Thomas Craig, this tale became a reality when he found an oddly-shaped bottle on a fishing trip with his family last year. The bottle inspired Craig to scribble a note on a piece of paper, slip it into the bottle and send it off into the sea.

Shockingly, the bottle traveled 2,000 miles of ocean currents from Winchester Bay all the way to the shores of Honolulu, Hawaii. That is where 9-year-old Trinity Ballesteros found it, floating in a tide pool.

Her father helped her open and read the note, which read: "My name is Thomas and I live in Oregon. I'm ten years old this week. I'm salmon fishing deep in the ocean. I would like to hear from you. Please write back."

Trinity responded by e-mail. When Thomas read the e-mail, he could not believe that someone had read found his message in a bottle. He could not believe it was real, even though it was happening to him.

Trinity said at first, she thought the message was from someone on another island who needed help.

Trinity and Thomas instantly formed a friendship, e-mailing each other one to two times a day. The two saw each other for the first time via satellite on the Early Show Saturday morning.

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