Viewpoint: August 3, 2011

Many people were frustrated by the recent political negotiations in Washington. In part, because there seemed to be little negotiating by either side, more of a "take it or leave it" attitude. Now, we're hearing the same type of comments about our city leaders.

Mayor Kip Holden is trying to put a third bond proposal on the ballot to address public safety, infrastructure and economic development. But, the Metro Council says the mayor didn't include and talk to enough people about his proposal.

And, the council last week apparently had no interest in hearing the mayor's plan. In fact, council leader Mike Walker reportedly says he hasn't spoken to the mayor in nearly six months. But, the mayor's been talking a lot, criticizing and accusing the council of playing with the public's safety.

Meantime, while these two are embroiled in a sparring match, the state has closed an area bridge, deeming it unsafe for travel. Politicians are supposed to represent the people they serve...skillful politicians also find ways to put differences aside and work for the common good.   We think it's time our city leaders find a way to do just that. The people of Baton Rouge deserve better.