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I-Team: Deputies transferred after pocketing your tax dollars

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Every time a suspect wanted in East Baton Rouge Parish is arrested outside of the parish or state, a deputy from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's transportation division is responsible for bringing that inmate back to the Capital City. If the suspect is also wanted by the Baton Rouge Police Department, one of their officers will also ride along.

The deputy and officer are each given a $44 per diem for food per day, so if it's a two-day trip to extradite an inmate, we're talking $88 for every trip per person.

"They were supposed to take those funds and distribute them to other officers that were traveling with them. Instead of doing that, they said they were feeding them but they were not giving them the remainder of the funds," said EBR Sheriff's Office spokesperson Casey Rayborn Hicks.

Internal Affairs launched an investigation back in June after an officer said he wasn't paid his per diem. They looked at 47 different trips between March 2009 and May 2011.

In all these incidents, Hicks said Baton Rouge Police Officers were involved.

28 officers were owed approximately $4,224. Of that, 13 deputies pocketed $3,196.38 - ranging anywhere between $58 and $494 per deputy.

So why are these people not fired or facing charges?

"Well one of the reasons they were not terminated had to do with the fact we realize there was some fault on our part as well as the supervisor's part," said Hicks.

Hicks said the supervising sergeant never gave the 12 deputies and 1 corporal any direction or guidelines as to how to disperse the per diem funds. She said her office was at fault as well.

"What we were doing is issuing one check for how many ever deputies and officers were traveling for extradition," said Hicks.

Now, they write separate checks to every officer and deputy.

As for the 28 police officers owed thousands, BRPD Sgt. Don Stone said their back pay started coming in Thursday. The amount per officer?

"Some were between $44 to several hundred dollars," said Stone.

The corporal and sergeant involved were both demoted to deputy with their pay dropped as well.

All made restitution to the sheriff's office and were suspended for five days.

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