Louisiana man survives shark attack

ORANGE BEACH, AL - A 20-year-old Louisiana man is recovering after being attacked by a shark in the Gulf of Mexico while on vacation.

Tyler McConnell of Shreveport was bitten about 500 yards offshore, near the Alabama-Florida line.

Witnesses said he was riding a jet ski and fell off.

That's when what was most likely a bull shark got a hold of his ankle.

Even after getting bit, McConnell managed to ride the jet ski to shore, where a couple of guys on the beach ran to help.

"He had already lost a lot of blood and he was pretty pale," said Ryan Price-Williams. "His blood pressure was pretty low, so another minute or two, if something hadn't have stopped the bleeding, he would have probably passed away."

Price-Williams was an Army medic, so he knew just what to do.

McConnell was in the area with his family, but he's now spending the rest of his summer vacation recovering in a Florida hospital.