Two sentenced for robbing reverend's house

HAMMOND, LA (WAFB) - Two people were sentenced to ten years behind bars for robbing a man of the cloth.

Antonio Hines, 22, and August Jones, 23, testified against Hines' father, Bruce Hines, that he had masterminded the robbery in January 2009, where Antonio Hines and August Jones went into a reverend's home and stole jewelry, money, guns and the reverend's clergy bag.

Both told the court that Bruce Hines told them to rob the reverend and that there was a safe full of money inside the house.  While there wasn't a large amount of cash in the house, they did cut Bruce Hines in on the profits.

The three were arrested by State Police during an unrelated investigation when they tried to sell the stolen guns to an undercover officer.

Bruce Hines was found guilty during his trial.  He will be sentenced on July 19th.

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