Viewpoint: June 15, 2011

Chief of police for the city of Baton Rouge may be one of the toughest jobs in our area. Donald Dewayne White has accepted that challenge and has vowed not to let us down.

We hope he brings an intensity and sense of urgency to the job. He's facing big challenges, including a rank and file who complain about shortages and poor working conditions.

He needs to energize his officers and give them the resources they need to reduce crime. And, the chief needs to make sure police officers always respect the rights of the citizens they serve.

Police can't do it alone. We also play a role in reducing crime. If we truly want safer neighborhoods, we as residents have to be willing to get involved, report suspicious activity, know what our children are doing and be willing to pay for the necessary public safety tools and facilities.

White has accepted this responsiblity. Are we willing to do the same?