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Gerald Bordelon and John Priest CAUGHT

In almost a day, the manhunt is over. Searchers caught 40-year-old Gerald Bordelon, the 4-time convicted sex offender accused of killing 12-year-old Courtney Leblanc last November, at eleven o'clock Sunday morning. And at around 10:15 Sunday night, 21-year-old John Priest was also captured in Livingston Parish inside a home with two or three other people.  

The Livingston Parish Sheriff set up an area perimeter along with teams and teams of law enforcement agencies from all over South Louisiana.  Searchers from Hunt Correctional Center caught Gerald Bordelon less than a mile from the prison. Now, everyone wants to know how two of Livingston Parish's most infamous and possibly dangerous inmates could escape over a fence in the first place.

Just as the helicopter went into the air looking for the so-called Livingston "notorious two", on the ground a man spotted Gerald Bordelon running into the woods behind the Chevron gas station on Highway 63. He had only gotten about 1/4 of a mile away from the prison.

Back at the prison, deputies rushed a shaky and somewhat scratched up Gerald Bordelon off to a holding room. 9 News asked Gerald why he escaped and this is what he had to say to his sister who had been waiting at the jail all night for him...

"Just tell her I'm alright. Tell her I had some stuff that I had to tell her. I wanted to tell her face to face, person to person. Not over the phone. Not through a window..." said Bordelon.

Gerald said he just wanted to meet with his sister, Cindy Landry.

"Greg he told me he wanted to see if he could get together...and get a visit and a hug and possibly a visit with mama...and melissa and then call the warden and turn himself back in. I don't know honestly how much credibility I really give to that. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me either," said Landry.

You see, Cindy Landry was at the prison for her usual visit and Gerald escaped anyway! According to Livingston Parish Sheriff, Willie Graves, Bordelon broke free from the exercise grounds. Sheriff Graves says Bordelon escaped along with another prisoner, 21-year-old John Priest, who was convicted just this week of manslaughter. Apparently the two inmates crawled under one fence, then grabbed a ladder that was inside the fence. They reportedly climbed the ladder and made their getaway. 

When 9 News talked to Cindy, deputies had just brought Gerald back to prison, and she was the first person he called...

"He called, ya know, and he said 'hey, I'm back' and I'm like Jimmy where were you?" said Landry.

Gerald Bordelon said that as soon as he and John Priest were able to escape, the two split up and went their separate ways. Gerald's sister is just glad that her brother made it back alive. As a matter of fact, wait til you hear what she says Gerald was doing behind that Chevron gas station right before deputies caught him!

"They slept there during the night and actually had not been up very long," said Landry.

Gerald Bordelon's mother says she spent last night playing on the computer, pacing the floor and reading her Bible. But she says while she's extremely happy her son Jimmy is safe, she tells 9 News he's lucky she won't see him for a couple days because she'd probably give him a tongue-lashing. She says she believes it really was a spur of the moment decision to get out for a while.

"I think he fully intended to visit with Cindy when she got there. I think some time between there Priest made his escape and Jimmy just decided to follow or Priest said come on with me and he did because Jimmy's not a leader, he's a follower. I think I told you yesterday if Jimmy had to spend a night in the elements, he'd be turning himself in today," said Bordelon's mother.

Alethia Bordelon says she plans to try to visit her son for just a few minutes this week, if prison officials will let her.

For this escape, Gerald Bordelon could get 6 months tacked on to any sentence he might get after his first degree murder trial. By the way, Livingston Parish Sheriff Willie Graves says he's unsure if this escape will cause Gerald Bordelon's trial to be moved out of the parish.


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