Morgan City residents still waiting for high waters

MORGAN CITY, LA (WAFB) - This has been a very frustrating process for a lot of business owners in Morgan City. After all, no one can pinpoint when high waters will come, but those business owners 9 News spoke to are keeping their heads up one day at a time.

After seeing images of homes underwater in Krotz Springs, a flooded St. Mary Parish has become more of a concern. The swollen Atchafalaya is moving at a rapid pace, but the worst case scenario Morgan City prepared for has not happened.

"I was born in Morgan City in 1949. I lived through the flood of 1973 and high water of 1992," says Nathalie Weber.

Weber is the president of the Morgan City Shrimp and Petroleum Festival held each year. She's no stranger to high water, but this time, she admits, is different. 
"Yes, we are concerned, but we are so very fortunate to have the mayor, city council and parish council," said Weber.
Weber says what makes this event different is how slow everything seems to be moving. Original predictions called for Morgan City to see large amounts three days ago. Now it's next Saturday. That news has just prolonged the concern for commissioners at the Port of Morgan City. 
Bayou Chenne is completely cut off, blocked by a 500-foot barge, rock and sheet pilings. That's keeping water out of Morgan City - headed for marshland to the southeast.

Bonnie Knowblock is the manager of Cafe Jojos along the river in Morgan City. 
"I think that helped a lot. I think that it was a good decision," said Knowblock.  "I know it's hard on other people but it was a decision that had to be made."
Knowblock says business at Cafe Jojos is as good as ever.

The river is supposed to crest at 11 feet on May 28th. 
"The delays are a good thing," said Weber. "The ground is dry so the water is seeping into it and some of that water won't get to us."

This weekend is supposed to be back to normal. A music festival will go on downtown Friday night and it's expected to be as packed as ever, but people downtown will keep that watchful eye on the river, just on the other side of the seawall.

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