Part of River Rd Closing, New Aerial Footage


* WAFB Meteorologist Steve Caparotta has just returned from a helicopter flight over the Morganza Spillway and the Atchafalaya River.  Find out, at 5pm, just how far the Morganza Spillway waters have now reached.  It's video you'll only see on 9NEWS.

* The diversion of Mississippi River waters down the Atchafalaya Basin has people evacuating certain areas.  Hear from one man who's neighbors have left but he's sticking around waiting for a ride.  

* The Morganza Spillway now has 17 of its 125 spillways open spraying a total of 1.27 million gallons per second toward the middle of the lower basin.

* WAFB 9NEWS has reporters stationed in the center of the most active areas including David Spunt in Butte LaRose and Kiran Chawla in Krotz Springs.

* WAFB's Rick Portier visits the "wet side" of the Mississippi from the conjoined cities of Natchez and Vidalia. How one has a battle for survival against the river and the other has natural high river cliffs for protection.

* Our WAFB 90 minute news block from 5 until 6:30 routinely carries the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric at 5:30. This evening is Katie's last broadcast of the news and many will be interested to see what kind of goodbye she has for us. Tune in on WAFB, Louisiana's News Channel.