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They say a child dies every 87 minutes in the United States because of a preventable accident. State officials are trying to buck that trend in Louisiana.

[anchor:donna/key] {***donna***}[readrate:16]w-a-f-b's avery davidson shows you why state officials are giving special classes to school teachers.

[take pkg outcue: standard duration:1:26] {***sot-pkg***} [cg at 0:00:locator\safety banner] [cg at 0:09:name - title\rick boudreaux\la risk watch] [cg at 1:22:avery davidson reporting\ \ ] [take sot name: rick incue: the leading cause... Outcue: ...preventable injury. At: 27:33:07 duration:0:05] {***sot***} "the leading cause of death to children is preventable injury." [take vo] {***vo***}

Its lead is leaps and bounds over what can't be prevented.

"It's killed more children per year than all other causes combined," said Rick Boudreaux, with LA Risk Watch.

Teachers are learning how to prevent accidents that kill children.

The Risk Watch program is that solution in teaching kids to escape from fires, wear seatbelts and just stay alive.

"Risk Watch teaches safe behavior."

Already 100 Louisiana teachers pass along the Risk Watch program to their students. A $30,000 grant is paying for another 200 to bring the knowledge in this book back to their schools.

"What we want to do now is focus on being a part of the solution," said Trooper Johnnie Brown. "In the big picture, it takes a village to raise a child. Always has. Always will."

Boudreaux looks at the program not just as advice, but as lifesaving lessons because students take wh says that's why students Pre-K to 8th grade pick up lifesaving lessons. They're not just advice... They're homework.

"It's a feeling you just can't really describe to think that what you're doing could save a child from being one of those 120,000 that's disabled every year or one of those ones that dies every 87 minutes," said Boudreaux.

Teachers will go through another day of classes Wednesday at State Police Headquarters. Educators from all around the state, and even one from Texas, are taking part in this program.