BR Program May Reduce Amputations

Limbs for Life is a limb preservation program targeting people at risk for lower-extremity amputation due to diabetes, chronic wounds or vascular disease. An estimated two million Americans currently live with some type of limb loss, with most these due to peripheral artery disease or poorly managed diabetes, and many more at risk.

Those who are most at risk for a lower-extremity amputation include:

  • People ages 65 and older

Diabetics, especially those with:

  • Loss of sensation in the feet and legs
  • Poor circulation in the feet and legs
  • A prior amputation
  • Men (versus women)
  • Those suffering from peripheral artery disease (PAD)

· Certain ethnicities including:African Americans

  • Hispanic Americans
  • Native Americans

Baton Rouge General's Limbs for Life Initiative utilizes Board Certified physicians from a wide range of specialties to help intervene early and prevent future amputations for those at risk.  To find out more about Limbs for Life and free screening  go to   For questions, call (225) 387-7870.