Hunting season is only two months away, but if you're younger than 34-years-old, there's something extra you may have to do before hitting the woods. State law requires all hunters born after September 1, 1969 to attend a hunter's safety course before they can begin to buy a hunting license.

[take pkg outcue: standard duration:1:15] {***sot-pkg***} [cg at 0:15:name - title\sgt. Travis depew\w. Feliciana deputy] [cg at 0:22:name - title\john sturgis\la wildlife&fisheries] [cg at 1:12:avery davidson reporting\ \ ] [take sot name: hunter number: 2796 incue: *clacking* at: 54:45:26 duration:0:03] {***sot***} <*clacking*>[take vo] {***vo***} the call of the wild is the lure for many new hunters. [take sot name: deer number: 2796 incue: *shuffle* at: 53:53:04 duration:0:01] {***sot***} <*shuffle*> [take vo] {***vo***}

ut some may have to shy away if they have not completed a hunter safety course.

[take sot name: sturgis number: ave incue: number one... Outcue: ...hunting accidents. At: 53:16:01 duration:0:03] {***sot***}

"Number one, we're trying to reduce hunting accidents," said John Sturgis [take sot name: travis number: ave incue: you have more.. Outcue: ...than you do hunting. At: 51:46:20 duration:0:08] {***sot***} "you have more chance of getting hurt doing high school football or some kind of athletic sport than you do hunting." [take sot name: sturgis number: ave incue: accidents in both.. Outcue: ...dropped dramatically. At: 53:40:01 duration:0:05] {***sot***} "accidents in both fatal and not fatal categories in the state of louisiana have dropped dramatically."[take vo] {***vo***} authorities with the west feliciana sheriff's department are hosting a hunter safety course. [take sot name: travis number: ave incue: we're unique... Outcue: ...bow ed course. At: 49:30:05 duration:0:05] {***sot***} "we're unique in a sense in that we do a combination course which is a hunter ed and bow ed course."[take vo] {***vo***} hunters older than ten who take the course get lifetime certificates. [take sot name: sturgis number: ave incue: anyone who is.. Outcue: ...certificate of completion. At: 54:47:19 duration:0:10] {***sot***} "anyone who is younger than 10 is welcome to take the course and if they complete the course, we'll give them what we call a one year certificate of completion." [take vo] {***vo***} and sturgis says knowing your gun isn't all hunter safety is about. [take sot name: sturgis number: ave incue: being a safe... Outcue: not hunt. At: 56:16:06 duration:0:07] {***sot***} "being a safe hunter doesn't mean just being a good shot. It means being courteous, it means being respectful of other people who hunt and do not hunt." [take sot name: hunter number: 2796 incue: *honk* at: 53:25:18 duration:0:01] {***sot***} <*honk*>[take vo] {***vo***} so they, too, can enjoy the call of the wild. Avery davidson, wafb nine news. [take: chyron] {***chyron***} [cg :full screen with title\hunter safety course\st. Francisville\best western\saturday morning, 8am\(225) 784-0411\\ ] the west feliciana sheriff's department is holding a hunter safety course beginning saturday morning at the best western in st. Francisville. The course is free, just call the number on your screen, 784-0411, to register. For other hunter safety courses in your area, visit our website, w-a-f-b-dot-com. We'll link you to the wildlife and fisheries website where there's a list of dates and places for the hunter safety course.