Pete the Shrimp Stripper

Pete the Shrimp Stripper

1. Start with whole shelled shrimp.

2. Break the flesh at the underside of the last joint of the tail. Raise it up, but do not break it off.

3. Pull the end joint away from the shrimp and the vein should come out slick as a whistle.

I advise having a small bowl of water at your side to dip your fingers to remove the sticky vein.

I would advise all fisheries, wholesale and retail and all fish markets to make prints of my detailed diagram to give to all of your customers. I am sure it will greatly increase your business.

I can not guarantee this method to be 100% fool proof as a shrimp can get damaged in harvesting and when they are scooped about here and there. They could get damaged at the vital point where the pull is made.