Complete list of applicants for Baton Rouge police chief

Below is the list of applicants (alphabetically).

Troy Abney, 50, California Highway Patrol (asst. chief)

Winston Achee, 67, chief of security at Celtic Management Company

Gary Alford, 50, BRPD (armed robbery lieutenant)

Richard Arnett, 48, BRPD (police sergeant)

Rudolph Babin, 57, BRPD (captain)

James Barrin, 60, was with chief of Detroit Police Dept. through July 2005 - his most current employment

Willard Bates, 52, works for Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (criminal investigator 3)

Leonard Bollingham, 48, network analyst at LSU Information Technology Services

Joseph Bosco, 52, Louisiana Dept. of Justice (section chief)

David Cannon, 58, former chief investigator for the Cobb County District Attorney's Office (GA)

Albert Chesser Jr, 58, Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources (chief of police and director of public safety)

Carl R. Dabadie Jr., 45, BRPD (currently a lieutenant)

Myron Daniels, 36, BRPD (academy instructor)

Michael Dickinson, 62, works for the Louisiana Dept. of Justice (section chief - investigations)

James Drickamer, 61, BRPD (commander of crime statistics and research division)

Carl K. Dunn, 48, BRPD (currently a lieutenant)

Tabitha Ann Dunn, 39, former BRPD employee (now a nurse)

Jonathan Dunnam, 42, BRPD (lieutenant)

Gregory Fairbanks, 44, BRPD (detective)

Robert Farrelly, 44, BRPD (corporal)

Jamie Fields, 57, his last position was with Detroit Police Dept. (deputy chief)

James Freeman, 54, Remington College (criminal justice instructor)

James Fuda, 58, Securitas Security (currently a security directory)

John Gillespie, 40, Denham Springs Police Dept. (sergeant)

Christopher Hagan Sr., 41, Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office (senior detective)

David H. Hamilton, 38, BRPD (currently a corporal)

Christopher Johnson, 49, BRPD (sergeant)

Donald Kelly, 47, BRPD (sergeant)

Mark Kraus, 43, Lake Charles Police Dept. (sergeant)

Leo LaMotte, 61, Baton Rouge Constable's Office (deputy city constable)

Todd Lee, 43, BRPD (lieutenant and commander of administrative services)

Carolyn Little, 63, longtime former BRPD employee

Lonnie K. Lockett, 48, BRPD (currently a lieutenant)

Ervin Magri, 64, real estate, broker

Mark Milligan, 52, retired from BRPD as police sergeant (Property Management by MEM)

Gerald Mines, 69, Equalizer Private Investigations - Rockaway Beach, NY

Michael Morris, 62, through May 2010 Southern University Police Department (chief)

Benton Odom, 64, retired from EBRSO in April 2010 (captain)

April Overman, 47, retired from the NOPD (captain)

Edward Reynolds, 44, Wilton Police Dept. - Wilton, Maine title (lieutenant and asst. chief)

Ernest Rhodes, 60, former chief of police Hawley PD (Hawley, MN)

Edward Roberts, 68, last employment was in 2001 with BRPD (detective sergeant)

William Robinson, 52, Covert, MI (police reserve)

Michael Sager, 54, Dept. of Public Safety (contract grant reviewer with Louisiana State Police)

Kenneth Scott, 45, Medical Center Louisiana LSU (chief of police)

Eugene Smith, 45, BRPD sergeant

Romy Smith Jr., 41, BRPD (uniform patrol officer)

Anthony Thomas, 48, Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (investigator)

Russell Vappie, 60, Wackenhut Corp. G4S (lieutenant)

Donald White, 51, Louisiana Dept. of Public Safety

Christopher Williams, 46, chief of police for U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Eric Williams, 40, Salisbury Police Dept. - Salisbury, North Carolina (detective)