Berdell Breaux

Berdell Breaux:

"If I had nine items to pack to survive, these are the nine I'd pack for the ride:

I'd start with my head and pack a cap,
holding back my hair though it might end in my lap.

I'd pack a pair of glasses to protect my eyes
from the wind and the dust as I fly through the sky.

I'd pack a pair of gloves to give myself a grip
to hold steadfast and try to avoid a slip.

I'd pack a stadium pad to put in my seat
to keep my bottom cool and not feel the heat.

I'd bring Dramamine, I think it's the ideal pill
to calm the nausea, the fear and the zeal.

I'd bring a muffler to snuff out the scream
so that my cowardness would never be seen.

I'd pack a towel to wipe the sweat from my brows;
I could use that, too, to cover my howls.

I'd bring along a parachute in case I fell
and if I survived I'd have a story to tell.

The last thing I'd pack would be a bottle of booze,
by that time, that would be the one thing I could use.