Tommy Yowell

Tommy Yowell:

"I am entering this contest actually for my 10 year old son, Tommy. We were at Dixie Landin' last week with several friends. before going, he promised he would ride the Ragin' Cajun with me. We shook hands on it the night before. I have always loved roller coasters, and was looking forward to having someone to ride them with. As we approached the ride, his hand was tightening around mine, but he was determined to go through with it. We were the first in line for the next ride, so we were standing right underneath it. I then noticed tears welling up in his eyes. He backed out at the last minute. After we left for the night, he was kicking himself so much for backing out, he was on the verge of tears. He wanted a second chance at it badly. When I saw this commercial, without telling him about the contest, I asked what he would take on the ride. He came up with ... a small pillow, a barf bag, a watch to time it, a camera to take pictures from the top, a mini tape player to tape the screams, a friend for moral support, a kleenex to wipe his eyes, a candy bar to enjoy afterward, and his bible for praying! It would mean so much for him to have this second chance. I know he has something to prove to himself and others. He is a very determined boy." ~ Submitted by Kristy Yowell