Viewpoint: December 1, 2010

Gov. Bobby Jindal has spent a lot of time recently travelling and shaking hands, but much of it has been spent outside our state. In fact, as the state prepares to tackle what is arguably its worst budget crisis ever, the governor has been largely absent during a good part of the struggle.

Or, at least that is the perception, which, like it or not is sometimes reality. Higher education is facing painful cuts and when students wanted the governor to hear their concerns he was out of town.

Jindal says he chose not to get involved in our state's recent elections, however, he did choose to leave the state and campagin for candidates in other states. Jindal has also been on the road promotting his new book: "Leadership and Crisis."

But governor, we have our own crisis. We're glad to see you have started a series of meetings with stakeholders, listening to those impacted. We hope it continues. We think it's important to work together to find creative solutions and to have a more visible role in leading our state through these difficult times.