Viewpoint: November 10, 2010

For the past two nights, the 9News I-Team documented millions of dollars worth of equipment, various items paid for with your tax dollars, missing from the LSU System and another half-million dollars in inventory missing from southern. The items that can't be located range from computers and projectors to a golf cart, boats and even, in the case of LSU, several pianos.

Officials at both universities admit that in some cases things may have been stolen. In other cases, they say things may have been moved and are just difficult to locate. To be fair, it's a small percentage of inventory that cannot be accounted for. But, more than $5 million of missing inventory is not something to take lightly.

If items were stolen, the universities need to aggressively investigate ways to improve security. If it's a matter of poor bookkeeping and things just can't be found, then the taxpayers
deserve better.

Higher education is critical to our future and something we must support. But, as taxpayers, we want to be assured there are safeguards in place so that our investment is both protected and used wisely.