Candidate Profile: Charlie Melancon

Charlie Melancon
Charlie Melancon

By Jim Shannon - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - New poll numbers show congressman Charlie Melancon appears to have a lot of work to do with very little time to do it. However, Melancon, the candidate, says he is confident.

When 9 News caught up with Charlie Melancon he was in his hometown of Napoleonville. He had just gotten his driver's license renewed and he was preparing to vote early. He and Peachy, his wife of 37 years, were preparing another trip across the state to push his message.

In this race Melancon and Vitter have beaten each other to a pulp. It has been Louisiana politics at its best.

"I'm running against David Vitter and his record, and he should be running against my record to prove that he's not an in-effective as demonstrated by national journal," said Melancon.

Melancon made it clear he genuinely does not like David Vitter. "But then David Vitter has not met an ethics rule that hasn't bothered him a whole lot," he said.

Melancon has concentrated on what he terms Vitter's fragile reputation.

"Well it's not the indiscretion. We can forgive him for that. You just don't reward a person with re-electing them when they have proven what they say is not what they do," he added.

Vitter has also easily out spent Melancon attacking Melancon's record and launching a controversial ad portraying Melancon as soft on illegal aliens.

"He feels that my ads are misleading. Well, his have been blatant lies, misleading, and race baiting," said Melancon.

Melancon says he believes he has run a clean race and is confident that next Tuesday voters will send Vitter packing.

On Monday night, 9 News profiled the campaign of Senator David Vitter.

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