Candidate profile: Caroline Fayard

Caroline Fayard
Caroline Fayard

By David Spunt - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Caroline Fayard is a new face in Louisiana politics, and she hopes to bring some big changes to Louisiana's number two position.  Monday night, we profiled her opponent Jay Dardenne.

Fayard, a Denham Springs native, admits she may be a new face to a high profile race, but says in the end it is about what she brings to the table.

"We got in this race to win it, so actually we're very pleased with the results and we're excited. I think the momentum has continued to build and as I said people are excited to meet us now which is always a good thing," Fayard said.

Fayard, a lawyer in New Orleans, has a resume that has taken her from Episcopal High School all the way to The White House, where she worked for then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. Fayard even pulled an endorsement for her lieutenant governor race from the 42nd President himself.

"I've seen her career in the private sector. I've seen her make a decision to go home to Louisiana when she didn't have to, could have made more money doing something else," Clinton said during a campaign event.

While tourism is one of her top priorities, before she gets to it, she has another "must do" on her plate.

"First would be, I would like to take a good fresh look at the office, it's priorities, as well as my administrative function within that and do what I would call an internal audit to make sure that we are running as efficiently and as transparently as possible," she said.

She is insistent on making BP continue to pay the state millions in tourism funding and other types of research.

"There's no question that our seafood industry has suffered a great blow as a result of the BP oil spill and perceptions coming out of that. Frankly we need money to support that industry and make sure we are marketing it effectively and promoting what is so wonderful and great about our culture," she said.

Fayard labels her opponent, Jay Dardenne as a career politician, with ties to a political past, arguing she is the better candidate ready to roll up her sleeves.

"If you look into my background, I have a history of going into top tier institutions and performing at a very high level. It's not just about buying a ticket to the dance, you have to get out there and perform and I understand that," she said.

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