Police identify victims found dead outside apartment complex

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A bizarre shooting which left two people dead early Tuesday morning is still under investigation, as detectives believe the suspects used a clever technique to buy themselves time to get away clean.

The Baton Rouge Police Department identified the victims as Alton Spears Jr., 31, and Johnny Kelley, 56. Police said the bodies were moved out of the street to where they were found.

Officers rolled out to the 300 block of Delphine near Louisiana Avenue twice Tuesday morning. The first time, they found nothing suspicious. Three hours later, the two men were found dead.

The scene is one Baton Rouge residents said they are growing tired of. Crowds formed once again to watch as police decorated streets with crime tape and detectives picked up clues.

Investigators said they received several anonymous calls from people in the neighborhood around 3 a.m. The callers stated they heard shots fired. However, when police responded to investigate, they found nothing of significance in the area where the gunfire was reported.

Three hours later, dispatchers fielded more calls from people who claimed a man was lying on the sidewalk next to an apartment complex. The man was wearing only an undershirt, underwear and sneakers. Another man was found lying in the parking lot between two cars.

"Just as police might have been passing by, they want to make sure victims weren't found lying in the street," said Cpl. L'Jean McKneely with the Baton Rouge Police Department. "To actually put the bodies to the side and give them an opportunity to get away."

Some at the scene said they want to know why they are not seeing the promised increase in police patrols.

"People are not safe in their own homes," said Chaka Neely. "It's just crazy and it's scary. You just see somebody one day and the next day they are gone. The police need to get on their jobs and do something about it. I just hope this is not another unsolved murder."

Neely said she and one of the victims grew up together.

Police said officers are out there, but they can't anticipate times and places when shots will be fired. What they do depend on is people talking.

"Help us help you," said McKneely. "Neighbors and stuff hear shots, but nobody saw anything. Somebody knows something, but people are not saying anything," Neely added.

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