Viewpoint: October 13, 2010

During the last few weeks, we've talked about the random violence in Baton Rouge that has left people scared and frustrated. Today, we want to acknowledge and recognize the course of action city leaders are taking to deal with this problem that affects us all.

In a show of unity, the mayor, district attorney, police chief, sheriff and commander of Louisiana State Police are working together to put more officers on the streets. Sheriff's deputies and state troopers are now helping with patrols on the streets of Baton Rouge. If you were downtown last weekend, you couldn't help but notice the increased police presence.

More details are expected in a few weeks about a multi-agency task force where crime-fighting resources and investigative tools are shared with the hope of quicker results. The cynics may say this is much ado about nothing.

While these measures alone won't stop crime, this is a good first step. We have to start dealing with crime aggressively. We still need witnesses who are willing to come forward and judges who will impose tough sentences. Things won't change overnight, but we have to start somewhere...inaction is something we cannot afford.